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Counterbalance lift trucks are essentially forklifts that are designed with counterweight at the back of the machine. The counterweight works to balance the weight that the blades are carrying at the front of the load. This specific design is engineered to stabilize traditional forklifts. When it comes to electric counterbalance lift trucks, the battery itself forms the counterweight.

Nearly every forklift producer will have in their product range, a counterbalance lift truck. These machinery will come in a wide assortment of fuel sources, configurations, and sizes. These lift trucks could be designed with 4 or 3 wheels, or be fitted. They could work in various applications. These types of lift trucks are outfitted with a range of accessories. Common attachments and options include: fork shifts, slip sheet attachments, side shifts and hydraulic clamps just to name some items.

Counterbalance lift trucks have revolutionized the material handling industry. They have become the cornerstone of storage and distribution systems where they perform loading, stacking, unloading and horizontal transport functions. The average warehouse forklifts are usually utilized for lift heights less than 6 meters or 20 feet. There have been some recently developed models which could lift to heights 31 feet or 9.5 meters. The smaller 1-1.8 ton or 4000 lbs. forklifts are the main workhorses inside most warehouses. These are the most popular units that the majority of small businesses would own. The typical warehouse counterbalance forklift is actually a wide-aisle truck which requires roughly 3 meters or 11 feet to turn in.

What's more, the counterbalanced forklift is not necessarily limited to warehouse settings. They are often used for heavy use and carrying containers together with pretty much every use in between. Counterbalance lift trucks are the most versatile and widely utilized of all materials handling machines.

Because of their versatility and durability, counterbalance lift trucks are commonplace in a large array of working environments, including warehousing, production and retail. Several of the industrial applications comprise: chemical, food, timber and automotive industries.

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