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For forklifts today, there are numerous attachment options available. The majority of attachments are manufactured to be used on standard forklifts and are made to be used on reach trucks and VNA. It is very important to note that OSHA needs approval for any kind of attachment which should be approved for use by the particular lift truck manufacturer.

The most essential common attachment is the sideshift and is considered to be standard equipment. The sideshift apparatus allow for more accurate load positioning as well as enables the fork carriage to slide right and left. The sideshift enables the operator to be more versatile with the machinery.

The fork positioner is another attachment option that enables the operator to adjust the distance between the forks without having to get off of the truck. This particular attachment is mostly utilized in high volume operations where there is a huge array of crate and pallet sizes handled.

The fork pivot allows the forks and carriage to pivot or rotate. Utilized for transporting and dumping hoppers that is especially designed. These attachments are very helpful for various industrial applications.

Slip sheet attachments are a different attachment that are used where slip sheets that is plastic, or paperboard or a sheet of cardboard that are utilized instead of pallets. The slip sheet attachments utilize a push and pull mechanism which clamps onto the slip sheet and pulls the load onto a thin platform. Afterward, the load is pushed off the platform when the truck reaches the destination.

Drum handling attachments are available in various designs. They are many different models attached to handle 55 gallon drums. There are several smaller types of a paper roll clamps which go around the roll and also could rotate a full 360 degrees. There are other types of drum attachments that are able to pick up various drums all at once.

One more option is tilt control, which allows the operator to preset the fork tilt angles. For extensions slide over the forks to help pick up and move longer loads. The Carton clamp operates similar to a paper roll clamp except instead of being circular, the clamping surface is flat.

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