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Forklifts are able to lift really heavy objects as they have a counterweight on the rear of the forklift. The huge counterweight gives balance to the lift truck so the machine doesn't tip over when raising heavy loads. Forklifts are rated based on their load capacity. A small forklift that could raise 1800 kilograms weighs about 4000 kilograms, that is the same as two full-size pickup trucks. The biggest forklifts could have up to 36,000 kilograms of lifting capacity.

There are many safety concerns included in using a lift truck. While driving down a ramp, travel in reverse. If the load interferes with vision and is bulky, haul it in reverse. Operators must know how to mount the lift safely using the "three-point stance." This involves putting the right hand on the back of the seat, while holding the upright of the safety cage with the left hand and putting the left foot on the step. Never jump out of a forklift even in a tip over. It is really much safer to stay inside the confines of the lift. Any fall or slip on a lift truck can result in severe injuries.

In many businesses, the forklift is considered an indispensable because they are required to quickly lift and transport things, load and unload products safely and with little to no physical exertion. Pedestrian safety is a primary priority when operating in public spaces. Operators must always give pedestrians the right-of-way. A lift truck must never be driven on a highway or on uneven surfaces. The driver must have a seat belt fastened at all times while driving.

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Forklifts would always be vital pieces of machine for companies since forklifts are an essential tool in any culture which makes and consumes mass-produced products. OSHA oversees compliance standards for businesses which utilize forklifts and provides certification and licensing protocols. The lift truck Rodeo is an entertainment event for operators and other personnel that includes an obstacle course and other entertaining spectacles.

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