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Independence Forklift Parts - In Missouri State, the city of Independence is the 4th largest. It is largely contained in the counties of Jackson and Clay and is part of the Kansas City Metropolitan Area. The city had a total population of roughly 116,830 based on the census of 2010. The city of Independence is the county seat of Jackson County. Because it was amongst the departure points of the Oregon and California and Santa Fe trails, it is knick-named the "Queen City of the Trails."

Originally Independence was first settled by Missouri and Osage Indians. Eventually people from Spain settled along with a short tenure by the French. Independence became a part of the United States during the year 1803 with the Louisiana Purchase. During 1804, Lewis and Clark recorded that they stopped there in their journals and that they picked wild apples, plums and raspberries at a place that would later be a part of Independence.

On March 29, the year 1827, Independence City was established. It soon grew into popular frontier town and was the farthest point westward on the Missouri River where cargo vessels or steamboats can travel. The vessels can get through this region because of the convergence of the Missouri River with the Kansas River. The rivers meet approximately six miles west of town, close to the current of the Missouri-Kansas border. The city of Independence soon became a jumping off point for the newly emerging fur trade. The city of Independence accommodated both adventurers and merchants who were on their westward trek along the Santa Fe Trail.

The exciting part the city of Independence played in US history is reflected in its gorgeously restored mansions. Like for example, the Vaile Mansion was built during the year 1881 by a local entrepreneur named Harvey Merrick Vaile. This famous house represents one of the best examples of Second-Empire Victorian architecture within the country. In the year 1855, the Bingham-Waggoner Estate was constructed. This was once the home of renowned Civil War artist George C. Bingham. The Marshal's Home & Museum is situated in a jailhouse that was built during 1859. This jailhouse was once home to Frank James, the brother of Jessie James.

One more famous residence in the city is the Truman Home. It offers a glimpse of simplicity and elegance into the life of the former president. There are video and audio programs featured in the Truman Presidential Museum and Library, as well as numerous artifacts celebrating his life post and pre presidency, as well as in his campaign.

The headquarters of the Community of Christ is situated in the city of Independence. This denomination is the 2nd biggest within the current Latter Day Saint movement. The church maintains several other buildings and a big auditorium and likewise a temple within the city. There is a big visitor's center beside the Community of Christ Temple that belongs to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Community of Christ Temple is situated directly across the street from the original Temple Lot which was designed by Joseph Smith in the year 1830.

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